project Traverses + Arts in displacement between good intentions and good practices

Moussem Cities Round Table

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14:00–14:30 PROJECT PRESENTATION Traverses by Leyla-Claire Rabih

Traverses is a project that responds to the need for a narrative on the diversity of recent migrations, relying more particularly on those of Syrian refugees. These exiles cross and modify individual and collective identities. These singular paths leave indelible traces… What is to be done with these traces, how can they be gathered together and transmitted? What repertoire should be built from these stories? How can it be reported it in a narrative form on the stage?

Arts in displacement between good intentions and good practices

Participants: Eric Deniaud (Collectif Kahraba/Hammana Artist House), Jumana Al-Yasiri (Hammana Artist House/Sundance Theatre Program), Ariel Cypel (L’atelier des artistes en exil), Claire Zerhouni (Corner in the World), Els Rochette (Globe Aroma), Leyla-Claire Rabih (Compagnie Grenier Neuf), Sana Yazji (Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution)
Moderated by: Geoliane Arab (ONDA, International Consultant)

Arts in times of political upheaval and arts impacted by displacement are undoubtedly areas of increasing focus for subsidising bodies and artistic support organisations. With his focus comes a number of artistic, strategic, and ethical questions: what is the role of organisations in supporting artists impacted by displacement and what are the limits of such support? What are the professional responsibilities of producers and programmers when they produce or present this artistic expression? How can support organisations articulate their objectives and how does the ever-changing terminology reflect their approach? This
roundtable is an invitation to reflect collectively on these issues and discuss the consequences of our work, as support organisations, on artistic practices.

Roundtable initiated by AMARRE in collaboration with Globe Aroma. AMARRE is an international collaboration project designed and directed by Hammana Artist House / Collectif Kahraba (Lebanon; in partnership with L’Atelier des Artistes en Exil (France), A Corner in the World (Turkey),Moussem (Belgium); supported by the French Ministry of Europe & Foreign affairs.