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Shalan Alhamwy & Elouise Trio + Wael Alkak

  • Globe Aroma

    concert + finissage expo

The Elouise Trio combines a broad spectrum of traditions; together, they blend elements of folk, Arabic, Klezmer and jazz into fluid concepts of style and convention. A new approach to transcultural music based on the combination of improvisation and composition, the fusion of musical languages, maqam and rhythms.

Wael Alkak is a composer of electronic music that combines genres and cultures. He draws his repertoire from the folk music of the Levant (Chaâbi). His live performances mix tradition and modernity, where synthesizer sounds and folklore melodies produce a transcendent style that invites bodies to let go.

Elouise Trio:
Shalan Alhamwy: violin
Robbe Kieckens: percussion
Jonas de Rave: piano, accordion, cimbalom