Ibrahim Keivo

  • Bozar


Ibrahim Keivo’s music is rooted in the Jezireh, the region in Northern Syria populated by Arabs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Kurds and Armenians. From an early age he learned to play the region’s lutes: buzuq, saz, baglama, oud and jumbush. With his astonishing language skills — he is equally at home in Botani, Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian, Turkish and the various Arab dialects of the region — Ibrahim Keivo travels through the villages of Jezireh to collect an extensive repertoire of its musical heritage: lullabies, dance music, love songs, epic songs and religious songs that he performs with striking attention to every specific style. With his incredible virtuosity, powerful vocals and boundless energy, seeing Ibrahim Keivo perform live is a real experience.

Ibrahim Keivo: Voice, Oud, Saz & Bezek | Mohamad Fityan: Nay & Kawala | Shadi Almoghrabi: Oud | Gernas Maao Daf: Percussion | Hesen Kanjo: Kanun